How to Dress an Hourglass Shape

Friday, March 5, 2010

What is an Hourglass Shape
Hourglass figures are round and curvy. They are considered the dream figure to have and many men actually prefer a woman with curves. An hourglass shaped woman has a well-defined waistline and fuller hips and bust. Their shoulders and hips are equal in width. Woman with hourglass shapes can look sultry and seductive or classy and elegant, depending on what they wear and by dressing in the most flattering way for their particular shape.

How to Dress an Hourglass Shape
Many women with hourglass shapes try to hide their curves and by doing so, wear clothes that do not fit them properly. Instead of choosing big, baggy clothes to hide your shape, choose clothes to enhance what you have. By knowing the best styles for your particular shape, you can dress with confidence and always look your very best.
Show off your Waist
Since hourglass shapes typically have well-defined waists, drawing attention to your waist with a belt or a top with a fitted waist will accentuate this great asset. Do not be afraid to show off a small waist! It is often most flattering to draw attention to your smallest part of your body.
Foundation First
An important item for an hourglass shape to have is a well-fitting bra. A bra is the foundation to all your clothing and if it doesn't fit properly can make your clothes look terrible. Since most hourglass figures are well-endowed, a properly fitting bra is a must have wardrobe staple. Remember that a bra that fits will show off your bust and lay a smooth foundation for all your tops.
Tops and Pants
Another must have for hourglass shapes is a top with either a v-neck or scoop neckline. Both styles slim the neck and chest and will make you appear smaller and slimmer.
The best pant styles for an hourglass shape are:

  • Flat front trousers

  • Boot cut jeans

  • Pants or jeans with flared bottoms

  • Pants that fit properly will give you a slim look that will enhance your figure.
Skirts and Dresses
There are many styles of skirts and dresses that work perfectly for hourglass shapes. Curvier women should choose skirts that accentuate your curves and flatter your legs. Some styles to try include:

  • Pencil skirts

  • A-line cut skirts and dresses

  • Wrap skirts

  • Wrap dresses

  • Some other figure flattering items are belted jackets, cardigans and wrap style coats.
Style Tips
There are many tips to follow if you are an hourglass shape. Keep in mind the importance of dressing for your body type. Some things to keep in mind when choosing an outfit are:
Wear a darker bottom and lighter colored top to emphasize your waistline and to minimize your curves.
A monochromatic outfit with a slim belt will slim your figure and balance your body.
Buy clothes in the correct size. A top that is too big will only make you look bigger and sloppier and clothes that are too tight will also make you look larger.
Choose lighter weight fabrics without extra bulk to give you a lean look.
Hourglass figures can show off their curves and camouflage their imperfections by knowing how to dress an hourglass shape and choosing the right styles for their particular body type. By wearing clothes that fit properly any woman can look stunning and feel confident. Embrace your best assets and don't hide behind improperly fitting clothes anymore..

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