SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

Monday, March 5, 2012

SK-II is famous for its pitera content, which believes regular use can result in balance, moisturizing and radiant skin. SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, which is one of the products within the facial treatment range, is a wipe-off clarifying lotion that gently removes dirt and dead skin cells to nourishing the skin, leaving skin clean and perfectly conditioned. Unlike some clarifying lotion with high content of alcohol, SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion is a watery type of toner with AHA content that refines skin texture and improves the overall look and feel of the skin.

The user is advisable to wet a cotton pad with the clear lotion and gently wipe over T-zone, followed by U-zone and neck, but avoid eye area. It is always advisable to apply the clear lotion or any clarifying toner in upwards direction as it helps to wipe off the dirt and traces of make-up reside from the pores. Besides, it is often questionable on the amount of toner needed for each application and most would recommend the size of a coin with a diameter of 4cm, but I personally find it easier to apply and more effective when the cotton pad is soaked wet, at least it will not hurt the skin during the application.

It is noticeable that the clear lotion does not dry up the skin, in fact it gently removes dirt and traces of make-up residue, while prepares the skin for subsequent skin care regime. One of the advantages of clarifying your skin in preparing for the subsequent regime is it helps better penetration and absorption of the moisturizer into your skin.

After applying with this clear lotion, the skin becomes smooth, clean and clear. Besides, the cotton pad is observed to turn brownish after applying it onto dirty skin, an indicator of its power in removing dirt and traces of make-up. You will be surprised to see significant difference with and without using this marvelous clarifying lotion. 150ml for USD60, 250ml for MYR198.

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  1. Hoping to hear from others who had used this lotion. It is very promising. Want to try it myself.

  2. I have never experience using facial products yet. And I think it's not a good idea to start it because one thing is for sure, there should be maintenance. And I'm lazy when it comes to that.


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