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Geneva Fashion Boutique is started in year 2009 as a blogshop that offers an alternative in shopping on latest fashion at affordable price. We provide a channel to our customers to the door of the latest fashion and accessories from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China, which are famous for feminine looking clothing. The price ranges from a two-digit figure to hundreds depending on the choice, brand and origin country. As we received overwhelming traffic from readers all over the world, we decided to take a step forward to start providing them fashion advices and the latest trend report for the visitors and this is also another a fruitful achievement when we hear positive feedback from our readers about what we are doing. It is so encouraging to be recognized. In year 2012, we decided to launch our domain name or widely known as going dot com. We were deciding between our favorite existing name and a new name for the registration. In celebration of the face lift of Geneva Fashion Boutique, we decided to rename it to Style by Sense dot com. Style by Sense continues to provide the latest fashion news and tips like what we have been doing and on top of that, we expand to offer a channel to more interesting and juicy topics. Not forgetting, we will continue to run the blogshop from time to time for our customers. Stay tune. 

Editor: Saoirse Rae
If you would like us to review and feature in our website, feel free to contact us with details. If you are looking for fashion and beauty link exchange, please contact admin@stylebysense.com.


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