Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Trend: Knee High Socks

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In a year in which thigh high boots will be so prominent, this fashion trend should come as no surprise. Normally a humble accessory that most women hide, socks as a women's 2010 fashion trend will be at the fore. And whilst there'll be several styles of socks popular in 2010, knee high socks (and similar styles) will be one of the defining looks to work into your wardrobe. Best of all, they're transeasonal and will be perfect alongside a number of other Winter 2010 and Spring 2010 fashion trends.

Sock styles & lengths that are in for 2010
It goes without saying that all manner of socks aren't suddenly a fashion trend: pair your Louboutin heels with a pair of gym socks and the fashion gods shall undoubtedly frown upon you. Rather, to compliment your 2010 wardrobe consider investing in three predominant styles: 

  • Knee high socks

  • Over the knee socks

  • Thigh high socks
Undoubtedly thigh high socks will make the greater statement, but styled correctly any can make an outfit.
How to style knee high socks & thigh high socks in 2010
Though I'm not a big fan of rules for fashion trends (fashion trends primarily come to be courtesy of people breaking the rules) there are some simple pointers to get the thigh high socks and knee high socks fashion trend right.

  • Pick the length wisely: they have to suit your body's shape.

  • If you've got big thighs, thigh high socks will draw too much attention to them

  • Knee socks that finish below the knee may compliment your bone structure more than those knee high socks which finish above the knee. Try both styles on.

  • Knee high socks that cut off just below the knee are more likely to give you a slimmer look, as going only a short distance above the knee could result in socks that 'bulge' on your knee.

  • Thigh high socks provide a perfect alternative to exposed stay-ups from 2010's lingerie as outerwear fashion trend.

  • If you're short, knee high socks that cut off below the knee are best paired with a shorter hemline to expose more leg and, thus, imply greater height. The hem should be no lower than the middle of your thigh.

  • If you're in a colder climate then knitted socks might work for you. But avoid chunky and overt knitted socks: they were last a fashion trend back in 2007, and trends seldom repeat themselves so quickly.

  • Avoid pairing knee high socks with tartan and plaid skits unless you can otherwise avoid the school girl overtones. The Gossip Girl look for girls is fast becoming a faux pas.

  • Don't be afraid to layer. Knee high socks and over the knee socks worn over sheer, patterned stockings can add a whole new dimension to an outfit.

  • Nor should you be afraid to colour and texture, particularly if you want the socks to be a focal piece of your outfit
Fashion trends complimentary to knee high socks

  • Closely related to lingerie as outwear, thigh high socks in particular provide the perfect alternative

  • Dark thigh high socks under over the knee boots make for a strong look

  • Avoid knee high socks and thigh high socks with body suits, but don't be afraid to experiment with tap pants, hot pants, and short shorts.

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