2012 Fashion Trend: Neon Colours

Friday, March 9, 2012

Most would find it difficult in carrying colours on them, but fashionista has the passion and sense in making them look good. Being one of the hottest elements in this year’s fashion trend, neon colour like bright yellow, sapphire and rosy red might be the piece that most would stay away having the fear of carrying it well. Nevertheless, if you would think about trying this out, a neon bottom would be a better choice to carry it than a top. Try these combinations to put together an eye-catching yet not over exaggerated style. 

Blake Lively was looking good with a sapphire suit at a premier.

This is the most basic combination of mix and match the neon and yet still look good. 

Matching colour series would be the combination you might want to consider for a more challenging and hard to carry style.

Contrast series is also another option to play around with neon colours but it is not easy to carry as well. The key of making a cohesive style in looking good with contrast neon is to keep the fashion items as simple as possible and complement with cold-tone accessories.

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