3 Ways to Refresh Your Space

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is your home in need of a quick makeover but difficult to find the time to renovate? Then, you might want to consider these simple ideas that will help you refresh your space with just small budget.

Idea 1: Colour and Pattern
Colour has a strong connection with emotion. Refreshing your space is achievable through changing colour of the interior and it is much easier to begin the transformation in colours with large pieces like bedding, carpet, cushion cover, curtain and other textiles. However, no matter how you mix and match, just remember the rule of thumb of sticking only to a theme colour within the room, like wall, flooring, cupboard, sofa or bedding.

Idea 2: Picture and Frame
Refreshing your space can be instantly enhanced through artistic picture and frame. There are multiple ways to display your creativity on the wall.
1) Symmetry: It is the best to pick the pictures with the same series of content and arrange them symmetrically that can easily achieve the desirable effect.

2) Repetition: You can consider this if you have identical and simple patterns, and it is preferable to choose the frameless to avoid cumbersome.

3) Horizontal: Arrange the frames with the top or bottom following a horizontal line.

4) Centre: Arrange the pictures in a central line with the left and the right to be balanced.

5) Square: With a virtual square in mind, arrange the small and large pictures to form a regular square.

6) Follow the structure: If you have high ceiling rooms, you can consider arranging them along the door frame and cupboards.

7) In Radius: Arrange the pictures around a picture.

Idea 3: Plants and Candle
Plant is definitely an indispensable element to refresh your space. Besides lively plant, vase and flowery materials would thrive every corner of your home.


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