5 Steps to Dress for Travelling in Winter

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If you are travelling in winter from a tropical country to a temperate or frigid country, you might ponder what you need to wear to keep yourself warm.

To stay warm and continue to sight-see, you need to wear a good 3 layers. A 3-layer system is about wearing a base, middle and an outer layer. You may add on one more layer on top of the outer layer, which we called a shell layer, if your outer layer is not waterproof or windproof.

  1. Start with thermal underwear, preferably wool, silk, polypropylene and other synthetic fibres; and warm socks (wool or thermal). This will keep you warm.
  2. If it is really cold, -20˚C or below, wear an additional fleece layer on top of your thermals. The mid layer should be slightly thicker than your base layer.
  3. Wear a neck warmer or scarf to keep your chest and heart warm so that you won’t catch cold.
  4. Finally, throw on your winter jacket, as an outer layer, put on a warm hat and thermal gloves.
  5. Also, get yourself a pair of boots with good grip. This helps you in walking on the slippery surface. 

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